Top 3 Fall Lipsticks – Nov 2017

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Fall is upon us, and so are the colors. I personally am not a fan of fall because of the weather. I’m more of a summer baby but, I will say fall fashion and the transition of colors within the leaves have been growing on me! With that, I wanted to share my CURRENT top 3 – or technically 6 lip products you should try or check out that are perfect for fall!

*Keep in mind these are my own opinions. Products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. As an employee of Sephora, I was not paid nor told to post certain opinions by gaining any profit. As always thank you to Sephora and their partnership with certain brands.

** Thank you to @vangoghxdavinci & my sister for modeling for me! Please note everyone’s skin tone and lip color are different! Each color could look different on you.



1. NARS – Powermatte Lip Pigment (London Calling)

$26.00 USD

NARS ‘London Calling’ | Model: @vangoghxdavinci (medium skin tone)

I received this liquid lipstick from sephora for free as part of my gratis! (As an employee I receive certain items for free from certain brands) but I honestly love this powermatte color! It’s considered on as a lilac pink, but I think it’s more of a deep plum mauve. (that’s how it appears on my skin tone) Which I think is an absolute beautiful color for FALL!


PROS: [comfortable wear] not overly drying on the lips in comparison to colourpop. We should all know how much I loathe the colourpop ultra matte formula.
[lots of pigment] I don’t know about everyone else but I absolutely hate when I apply lipsticks and it becomes streaky! I LOVE lipsticks that have a lot of pigment with just about one swipe/application – this powermatte does just the trick.
[long-lasting] this shouldn’t be a shocker since it is a matte lipstick!


CONS: [packaging/consistency] this is tricky, because although I like the cube shaped top and sleek elongated body of the packaging I noticed after awhile of having this product, a little amount of the lipstick would come out of the actual product/container! Every time you twist the top to close or open your lipstick a little bit of the product would seep through the top! I can imagine it’s because the product is VERY liquid-y. So just keep this in mind if you decide to purchase this product! *Sephora and does WARN you to shake the liquid lipstick first to avoid spillage

*if you are confused about what i’m talking about please read and look at @colouringmehappy‘s blog post:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.25.38 PM
Note how @colouringmehappy’s product is seeping through the edges/top of the container!

NEITHER PRO | CON: [lip applicator] I’m considering this neither pro nor con because it depends on your preference and personally this doesn’t bother me! I feel as though it COULD bother others who have always been comfortable with liquid lipsticks with a soft doe-foot applicator. The NARS applicator is very pointed with not much of an angle to it like the more comfortable doe-foot applicator. I believe this type of applicator gives more precision, especially towards the cupid’s bow area. I wouldn’t even use a lip liner because the applicator gives such precision.


NARS ‘London Calling’ (light skin tone)

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick (Rock Sand)

$20.00 USD

ABH ‘Rock Sand’ | Model: @vangoghxdavinci (medium skin tone)

I bought this lipstick a few days after Anastasia Beverly Hills & her daughter Norvina released it online and in stores (exclusive shade to MACYS) ABH decided to release EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION colors for the holidays for each store. (Sephora – Trouble | ULTA – Starfish) I immediately fell in love with this [rock sand] shade. In my opinion, it’s a perfect nude for the fall season, it has just enough nude, and just enough fall.


PROS: [comfortable wear] & [lots of pigment] if you anyone out there knows me they would know I adore ABH lip products! Also NOT as drying as colourpop cosmetics [I have gotten feedback from my two models who both prefer NARS over ABH. One model considered ABH Rock Sand to be ‘sticky’]
[long-lasting] shouldn’t be a shocker! This brand is one of the best long lasting liquid lipsticks (in my opinion) [I will say, when taking off the two liquid lips, NARS was much more difficult to remove]

CONS: I personally don’t have any complaints about this lipstick… I am obsessed with this color!!!



Swatches | Model: @vangoghxdavinci (medium skin tone)

3. ColourPop Cosmetics (You’re a Gem Lip Trio)

$18.00 USD

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.31.53 PM

IF YA DIDN’T KNOW… Colourpop Cosmetics is currently being SOLD at SEPHORA.COM & certain Sephora’s around the country for THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! YAY!

I have been tossing and turning all night and day debating on whether to purchase this lip set or not… aaaaand nope I still haven’t come to a decision. Knowing myself, I most likely WILL buy this lipset because i’m crazy and have a problem. For obvious reasons, I won’t be doing PROS & CONS. I will just explain why, in my opinion, this set would be perfect for the fall season! This set comes with 3 colors; 2 with satin formulas and 1 with a glossy finish:

MISBEHAVING – Satin finish, a violet fuchsia
Although some may consider this color the brightest of the bundle, in my opinion the ‘VIOLET’ aspect is a perfect shade for the fall. Some may think violet is only a spring color, but on the contrary… If you pair this lipstick with a gold or even bronze smokey eyeBAM. FALL FEELS. ❤  If your lips are naturally pink, you have a lighter skin tone and want this lip color to be appear darker ADD a darker lip liner!

CATCHING FEELS – Satin finish, dusty brick red
Colourpop labels this color as a dusty brick red and I think it’s a perfect description! Brick red’s, in my opinion, are a staple color for the fall season. That perfect mixture of a little red and little orange definitely reminds me of a pumpkin spice latte 🙂

CHARMING – Cream & glossy finish, gold color with pink glitter
Who doesn’t love a little gloss? Gloss is perfect for any season, except windy season obvi.

[perfect for all skin tones] each of these colors compliment the lightest to darkest of skin tones! You don’t always get a lip set that has a perfect color for every shade (pictured below)

[fun colors for every mood] if you’re in the office, at an event or in a club each of these colors can suit you! You can’t really go wrong!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.25.25 PM


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Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.39.56 PM

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