Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 9.56.35 PMWelcome to my blog! A place where my fingers type away and I talk about things I love. If you can’t tell – I love makeup. Makeup is fun, makeup is art… I’m not a full blown professional, and no where near a celebrity makeup artist. I’m just a girl who enjoys writing a blog, doing makeup, and having fun while doing it. I work a 9-5 desk job with a desire to share their love for all things beauty, inner and outer.

My name is Jamie. I live on the East Coast. I created this blog focused solely on makeup, but I realized I wanted to expand my post spectrum. I wanted to do more than just makeup, I wanted to talk about health, fashion, what’s hot, what’s not. I wanted to get away from my reality, and focus on what I personally think is a bit more interesting – so, welcome. ❤

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  • Updates
    • Updates on my life/makeup world!
  • Blog Tutorials
    • Written how-to’s! Read how I achieve my makeup and where I shop for the products!
  • Reviews
    • Reviews on my favorite makeup products! Some comparisons between products, and reviews on the WORST products I’ve tried!
  • My Favorites
    • Personal Cult Favorites! Products I love and know you’d love too!
  • Shop My Look
    • See what’s on my face and where I buy my makeup products! Fashion will also be added…coming soon!
  • Mini Blog Posts
    • Random Blog Posts! My sale recommendations/blog posts that aren’t very long but enjoyable!
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