Life Update: Boost Your Immune System

Hi loves!!! Welcome back to my blog ❤

PHEW it has been A LONG TIME since I posted last! I feel it’s only right for me to explain myself, I decided I wanted to take a break from written blogs and started ‘vlogging’  – basically I started a youtube. Now, before certain readers get excited I haven’t posted a million videos! I’ve only posted a few, and if you’ve kept up with me via instagram you would’ve seen them! (feel free to follow me on social media | @razalasj i love meeting fellow bloggers!)

Unfortunately… the videos have come to a HALT because of the lack of space on my computer 😦 if you’d like to watch the videos i’ve posted so far please like & subscribe ❤ (link below)

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Happy November!

Can you all believe it’s November… again? As I’ve gotten older the days have gone by quicker. I look at my niece and reminisce the days I could come home after school and just relax, the days of my youth. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m only 24 years young but as the days go by faster they turn into months, then years and then BAM I’ll be turning 30!!!

My personal health has been a roller coaster the past two years or so. I haven’t been taking care of myself – the way I should’ve been. It’s been pretty tough, but I’ve decided not to dwell. I wanted to share a few tips on how to boost or improve your immune system.

I’ve also linked other amazing blogs posts/websites for you to read if you’re interested ❤

1. Eat well

I had definitely taken advantage of my fast metabolism-eat whatever i want in-my teens and early twenties phase, but I can’t afford to do that anymore. “You better eat your vegetables” mom would always say… BOY WAS SHE RIGHT. I’ve struggled with a weakened immune system for awhile now and it’s not fun. Eating the right amount, and the right produce will help build a better immune system.

2. Sleep enough

This has never been my problem, that’s for sure. 🙂 Though, there are others out there who still struggle to go to bed at a decent time! You have to make time! Trust me, in my opinion sleeping is a true joyous event and I think your body will thank you for a few extra hours of sleep.

3. Drink fluids

I’ve noticed a lot of people around me don’t like to drink water, but it is an essential during the colder months. Drinking fluids help your body stay hydrated! Juices are okay too 🙂

4. Take vitamins

I never realized until now but… WE NEED OUR VITAMINS. Don’t take this for granted like I did folks! If you feel you get enough vitamins a day then good for you and maybe you don’t need this tip! But if you are someone who doesn’t get enough vitamins during the day, take multivitamins! They help boost energy, as well as your immune system.

Don’t make the mistake of letting your immune system get too weakened like I did. Stay healthy and warm beauty lovers ❤

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