Shop My Look: Concert Attire

Hi all! Welcome back to my blog ❤

As always, thanks for tuning in! I’ve been wanting to add fashion to my blog for awhile now and I figured I’d focus a blog post on my latest Concert Attire to AstroworldSide note: if you don’t know what Astroworld is, or who I’m talking about – Can we even be friends? — JK. Of course we can – I just have to introduce you to some new music: Travis $cott. He is one of my favorite rappers and one of my best friends was nice enough to take me with her as a gift 🙂 

If you follow me on instagram, you would’ve seen this photo I posted –

I loved this outfit. I thought it was perfect a concert! It’s sexy and I felt confident wearing it! I figured I’d LINK & show you the same items or products that are SIMILAR to recreate this look!

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Top: Black Mesh Ruched Long Sleeve Crop Top ($22 USD)

I bought my top in a size 6 I believe. It felt a little big so I probably could’ve gotten a 4. The material was nice and the mesh didn’t irritate my skin! I definitely recommend.

From: PrettyLittleThing

Pants: Originally from Forever 21 but I can’t find them anymore 😦 

Although, I recently bought a pair of leggings that instantly reminded me of the pants I was wearing that night! The material is a bit different, but these are a lot cheaper so it’s really a win 🙂 They are super stretchy and comfortable!

Favorite Feel Stretch Legging ($10 USD)

From: FashionNova

Jacket: Originally from Papaya Clothing, but no longer available.

See a similar jacket to mine below. My jacket has gold accents while this has silver – other than that the two are practically identical!

Black Pu Zipped Biker Jacket ($45 USD)

From: PrettyLittleThing

Booties: Originally from H&M, but no longer available

However, I did find a similar pair on their website! Heel height is about the same. The shape of the boot is the main difference! I love a good platform heel. These shoes were SO comfortable to wear during a long concert!

Platform Ankle Boots ($50 USD)

From: H&M

This pair I found from Forever21 is a bit closer to what my shoes actually look like. As you can see the shape of the two shoes are a bit different. Also, the platform is a bit taller on the F21 shoe – which I think is a bit more comfortable!

Faux Suede Platform Ankle Boots ($38 USD)

From: Forever21

I truly hope you all enjoyed this blog post! If you ever feel like you can’t “rock” something – you aren’t alone.. Just don’t let it stop you from trying! Anyone can pull off anything as long as they are confident about it.

Until next time ❤

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