Makeup Review: Urban Decay, Worst Mascara Ever!

Hi loves! Welcome back to my blog ❤ thanks for catching up with me today!

This is a product I’ve been wanting to review the first time I tried it. As part of my gratis, I received Urban Decay’s ‘Troublemaker’ mascara – and I DID NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL. (Sorry Sasha!) I’ve tried to give it so many chances and it has just failed me, miserably.


So I will say I really admire the packaging. I think Urban Decay did, and always does a good job at that, but … that’s about it.


[the brush] I don’t understand it. The bristles are way too spaced out from each other for my liking and the actual width of the brush is too small in my opinion. I also don’t like the actual SIZE of the brush, it’s way too fat. I can’t seem to grab all of my lashes! I was highly disappointed because I usually like mascaras that have this type of bristle, but I think the length and spacing just did not work out for me.

[the formula] this mascara should volumize and lengthen but with my own lashes I don’t see that effect at all! It could be because my lashes are not naturally lengthy – I’d say they are more medium in length.

[didn’t hold the curl] whenever I wear mascaras they have to be waterproof because it holds the curl better! (I curl my lashes first before applying mascara) this mascara did NOT do that WHEN it claims to be waterproof. EVEN sex-proof. My lashes are naturally straight so it’s important for my mascara to hold the curl.

This is how the mascara looks on MY lashes! I prefer the Toofaced Better than Sex mascara, over UD Troublemaker.

This mascara didn’t work for me & I had my reasons. All in all, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this product to someone who has shorter lashes like myself. If your lashes are long and thicker naturally, it may work differently for you. Keep doing research if you’re truly intrigued to buy this product!

*Keep in mind these are my own opinions. Products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. As an employee of Sephora, I was not paid nor told to post certain opinions by gaining any profit. As always thank you to Sephora and their partnership with certain brands.

Hope you enjoyed this review ❤
Have an amazing thanksgiving holiday!
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.39.56 PM

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