Beauty Review: Brushes (Price friendly vs. Estupid Espensive)

Hi loves! Welcome back to my blog and thank you for catching up with me today ❤

I thought it’d be fun and maybe even beneficial for some of us who are on the fence about buying brushes, can’t decide what brushes to buy, or maybe even a makeup newbie who just needs help! I’ve narrowed down two brands, that I own, like and have actually tried to compare for you!

I’ll be comparing two brands: BH Cosmetics and Sephora Collection. The first pair of brushes I bought about 2-3 years ago were from BH Cosmetics, and now I also own a pair from a more ‘luxury’ – using luxury loosely, brand: Sephora Collection.

BH Cosmetics [$22.99 USD]

What you get:
Travel bag
11 brushes

Sephora Collection [$70 USD]

What you get:
Roll-up brush case
10 brushes


Comparison Notes:

Each brush set is cruelty free and have synthetic bristles.

TIP: [When thinking about which set suites you, think about which brushes you would need more. Think to yourself, do I want to focus more on eyes or complexion? Most brush sets contain different types and styles of brushes]

As you can see in the above pictures BH Cosmetics has one more brush than Sephora Collection (SC) YET SC is way more expensive.

In my honest opinion, both brush sets have a good amount of both eye and complexion brushes.

WHAT SEPHORA COLLECTION HAS: an angled liner brush that includes a spoolie, a fan brush (good for applying powder illuminator/highlight) WHILE BH COSMETICS DOES HAVE an angled liner brush it does NOT come with a spoolie (good for brushing your brow hairs before you pluck or color your brows in)

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.09.30 PM

WHAT BH COSMETICS HAS: MORE eye brushes than SC. In comparison, the Sephora Collection set only has 3 brushes while BH cosmetics has 5. The BH Cosmetics set also has a lip brush, this helps with precision when applying lipstick.

BOTH sets have foundations brushes for POWDER and LIQUID (yes, there are two different brushes for both formulas) BOTH sets are great in quality! I would say Sephora Collection are a bit more sleek, yet BH Cosmetics are cute.

As a professional, I would prefer the Sephora Collection brushes. Mainly because when I am doing a makeover for a wedding or special event I like having my brushes organized.

All in all, I would recommend the BH Cosmetics brushes over Sephora Collection. The BH cosmetics cosmetic bag could be useful when traveling. The bag is big enough for not just the brushes but other cosmetics as well. The BH cosmetics set is also a better value in my opinion especially for those who are just starting to get into makeup, or just want to own their first set of brushes. In this set there is everything you need to create a full glam look without using any other brushes. I will honestly say if I wasn’t working at Sephora and did not have an employee discount I would not have bought the SC set. It all comes down to what YOUR personal preferences are. If you’re looking for something more price friendly, stick to BH Cosmetics. I do want to note that on there is ALWAYS a sale, so technically the price I listed for the brushes above isn’t completely accurate. If you need and want that luxurious looking brush set, then bite the bullet and purchase Sephora Collection!

That’s my final say between the two brushes! What are your thoughts? Are there other brushes you’d rather try? Let me know below! ❤

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.39.56 PM


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