Current Drug Store Favorites – Feb 2017

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I’m going to try my BEST to post as MUCH as possible since my work schedule is a bit hectic this week. If you keep up with my blog you may remember in my last ‘Update’ post I mentioned I would review my favorite top 3 drug store brands. Instead i’ve decided to post my TOP FIVE CURRENT drug store favorites! These ‘favorites’ are my go to’s that I use almost everyday!

I’m unsure if NYX cosmetics is still considered drug store(?) but regardless i’ll be mentioning this brand and their awesome products!


1 – Ardell Lashes ($ price varies)


I believe this brand is one of the top selling ‘drug store’ lash brands in the US! They’re affordable and comfortable to wear! These are my absolute favorite, I personally feel like Ardell lashes look very natural on everyone! I also LOVE the BAND on the lashes, most of them are clear and very small so it makes it A LOT easier to apply!

When considering which lashes look good on you asses your eye shape first! 🙂

2 – Maybelline Fit me Concealer (~ $7 USD)


This is the only drug store concealer I OWN AND RELIGIOUSLY use! It’s one of the best concealers, in my own opinion because it doesn’t crease under the eyes and its super easy to blend when highlight-ing! (*I always recommend setting your concealer with a powder!) They also have a narrowed range of colors for most skin tones.

3 – NYX Blotting Powder ($12 USD)


If you’re a grease ball like me this powder will be your holy grail! Its a great powder to use throughout the day if you’re ever feeling oily – it ISN’T a foundation or setting powder. I usually BLOT my face with blotting paper and apply this powder in the areas needed. It’s super light weight and DOESN’T mess up your makeup! I’ve been pretty depressed the past few days because MINE BROKE 😦

4 – Milani Blush ($8 USD)


I feel like EVERY makeup guru or lover, loves this brand and blush, especially luminoso (pictured)! It’s a perfect coral pink with a nice hint of shimmer. Perfect for any season in my opinion! You can’t really go wrong with blush 🙂

5 – NYX Liquid Matte Liner ($7 USD)


HOLY GRAIL of matte liquid liners! I don’t know why its so hard for to find MATTE liquid liner, I’m not a very big fan of liner with shine. I’ve only bought about 2 of their liquid matte liners within the past year because it doesn’t dry out easily! I find some drug store liners can dry out within a month or two! #annoying

I ALSO love the fact that this particular liner has a BRUSH and NOT a FELT tip!


Super quick mini post I hope you all enjoyed! What are your go-to drug store products?! 🙂

Thanks for reading today ❤

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