Favorite Top 3 Liquid Lipsticks


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I’ve been a member of WordPress for a WHOLE YEAR! *if we don’t include that little hiatus I went on for SIX MONTHS hehe* time has FLOWN by and I can’t believe it. SO much has changed with my KNOWLEDGE of makeup/skincare and EVEN my own artistry… I can’t wait to show it to you all! Good things are coming this way, I believe it! ❤

Since I went on that little- I MEAN HUGE hiatus I haven’t updated you all on ANY of my current favorites. I reviewed my own blog posts and noticed the only liquid lipsticks I REALLY reviewed were Colourpop. I did do a little KVD, a little of NYX, and one review of Lipland Cosmetics Amrezy Line… BUT BOY has my taste changed within the past year!

I DON’T EVEN WEAR COLOURPOP ANYMORE. I look back now and I’m like ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING?’ … Maybe I’m just boujee now because I work at Sephora? Hmm yep that’s probably it.

So, with ALL of this being said…

Let’s get started with my


1 – Smashbox ‘Always On’ Liquid Lipstick ($24 USD)


As of right now, Smashbox has the NUMBER 1 spot for my favorite liquid lipstick!

Amazing SUPER Comfortable feel √
LONG lasting √
Non-drying √
Variety of colors √ *Although I wish there were MORE
NO bleeding √ (*Note: I have only tried a few colors… I’m not sure if the deeper colors bleed more so than the nudes)

I have worn this going out, drinking, eating, and this lipstick stayed on without that uncomfortable feel of having to reapply after every sip/bite.

It’s also NON-DRYING meaning it wont dry out your lips the way Colourpop, or a majority of liquid lipsticks do.

I believe Smashbox did an amazing job of providing a variety of colors, and in my opinion narrowed them in away where you won’t feel SUPER overwhelmed by the amount!

Since these lipsticks are a little thicker in consistency compared to other lipsticks the colors don’t bleed past my lips and I can apply them without a lipliner!

2 – Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick ($20 USD)


HUDA beauty lipsticks are just a few brownie points away from being number 1 but alas, they still fall to NUMBER 2!


Comfortable wear √
Lots of nudes √
AMAZING smell √
SUPER long lasting √
No Bleeding √

Just like Smashbox these liquid lipsticks are just as comfortable! The consistency of these liquid lipsticks are VERY DIFFERENT compared to Smashbox. HUDA lipsticks are A LOT more ‘WATERY‘ while Smashbox lipsticks are CREAMY. They CAN be DRYING, more so than Smashbox (this is the main reason smashbox is #1 in my heart) but they still feel like there is nothing on your lips.

I LOVE the amount of nudes in this collection, and as you can see in the picture above every color looks amazing on any skin tone.

The actual smell of the lipsticks remind me of COCONUTS! They smell delicious and they LAST FOREVER on your lips. Just like Smashbox they last even after eating, drinking, etc. I almost never have to reapply or touch up my lips when wearing these lipsticks.

I can apply these liquid lipsticks effortlessly without a lip liner and I don’t have to worry about the color bleeding past my lips!

** YOU can also purchase MINI liquid lipstick sets on her website! (super cute!)


3 – Sephora Collection (SC) Lip Stains ($14 USD)

images from @trendmood1 (*Follow this IG page for the latest makeup news!!*)

If you were familiar with SC’s original lip stain’s they previously ONLY had 11 colors (pictured above, left side) NOW they have 38! I love the fact that they came out with more shades especially NUDES. I use to be a huge fan of DARK, DEEP lipstick but now I’m more into the deep mauves, pink/brown nudes.

Comfortable feel √
Fun colors √

So In comparison to Smashbox these liquid lipsticks are just as comfortable to wear, BUT can be PRETTY DRYING …just not drying to the point where my lips feel like the Sahara.

You may feel a little overwhelmed by the colors because there are so many. Deciding which color(s) you want/need may be difficult, but I think it’s nice to have a variety. Especially for those who can work the ‘out-of-the-box’ colors! (i.e that BRIGHT BLUE)

If you’d like to see swatches Vlogger Casey Holmes (IG: @caseyhl91) provided a helpful video! Click BELOW!


SC lipsticks in comparison to Smashbox and HUDA beauty are last in my heart for a few reasons…

  • Bleeding past my lip line, without lip liner (*Note: I personally don’t like using lip liners, I don’t fancy them, but that’s just me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using lip liners they actually help shape your lips/prevent from bleeding)
  • Can turn a bit patchy after a few hours of wear 
  • Not very long lasting 


This concludes…

my review of my top 3 liquid lipsticks! I hope you found this helpful in narrowing your choice of what to purchase or consider to purchase. Please remember these are my own opinions, you DON’T have to rely on me and my word, do your own research! Or bite the bullet and just try them out for yourself!

If you have any comments about any of these liquid lipsticks please comment below! ❤

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.39.56 PM

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