Life Update & Master Palette By Mario Review

Welcome all!! ❤

It has been … a crazy few months of NO blogging. I went on a HUGE HIATUS focusing on work, work and MORE WORK! *I am now certified at SEPHORA TYSONS so if you live in the DMV area book with me! ONLY a minimum 50 dollar purchase necessary excluding VIB ROUGES* I also went/am going through this crazy phase of partying like there is no tomorrow (but hey, what’s new) – alas, I have missed talking makeup nonsense to myself and all of you on my little blog. So I am back, and back for good! *queue cheers*

Although I haven’t blogged in months there has been a lot of stopping-by-traffic-activity!!! I noticed many from near and far stopping by to view my blog posts and some even took that leap of love and FOLLOWED ME here on WordPress! That ..truly, honestly, just warms my HUGE HEART. ❤ So I just wanted to stop, take a breather and say, THANK YOU and I appreciate you. Please, friends, feel free to follow me and stay updated with me and I will do the same with you ❤

I have so many featured makeup looks I want to post, and new products I want to review! Soooo stay tuned 😉 ❤

TODAY, I will be doing a super quick review of an *in my opinion* under-rated(?) makeup palette – from Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you don’t have it, you my friend, are a fool & I do apologize. I feel a little silly reviewing this product after it has sold out (yes you read that right) but I wanted to explain why I like it / why certain people may have not liked it.

 Let’s get started 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.43.19 PM

This palette was one of my GO-TO palettes for the fall of 2016. If I am not mistaken it was released early October by Anastasia Beverly Hills. (If you didn’t know, YES it was a collaboration) This was also a LIMITED EDITION palette ($45), just like almost every other palette they have come out with, excluding the modern renaissance palette.

Picture taken by me 🙂


screen shot image from:

A: Mario Dedivanovic is his full name and is one of the most popular celebrity makeup artists. He’s best known for working with the Kardashians, Kim especially. (Notice how she has her own shadow). Born and from NY, Dedivanovic started as a FRAGRANCE consultant from Sephora! (Which I think is pretty amazing) women would come up to him and ask for his advice and soon after he began his makeup journey. 




Beautiful Colors – with the time of the release, and the colors – it all went so well with each other. The perfect fall, warm-natural colors. These colors also look amazing on basically EVERY skin tone. ESPECIALLY those with deeper complexion, the shimmers just glide so beautifully on the eyelids and make melanin pop even more.


Amazing Pigment – with just ONE touch, your finger immediately picks up color! This is very important when looking at shadows because if the shadow doesn’t pick up good color on your finger, most likely it will not pick up good color on your brush




Only 3 Matte Shadows – Honestly, the three matte shadows included are in my opinion, awesome and the most essential colors BUT having more than three would not have hurt. I’m the type of person who likes to build color when it comes to mattes so having only three makes that very difficult

NO BLACK? – Maybe this is just me… but I LOVE when eyeshadow palettes come with a matte deep espresso brown, or plain old matte black. Again, this is just my own opinion but I love smoking my outer corner with a deeper color – I just feel like it defines my eye a little more. SO the fact that black was missing was a little upsetting for me. NOT EVERYONE uses black nor wants it in a palette (mario obviously didn’t – which makes sense to me because he loves the natural look) BUT it would’ve been nice if that was already included *again just my opinion*

Too many SIMILAR shadows? – Is it just me or are there A LOT of similar shimmer shadows (from the same family) Just by looking at the above swatches provided by ABH/Mario, several of them look similar (i.e 5th Ave & Hollywood, Paris & Kim) (**granted they DO look different in person) – although when applied onto the eyelid it is difficult to determine which color it actually is.


A LOT of people had mixed reviews about this palette which is understandable. I personally LOVE this palette and am upset it was limited edition. Anastasia shadows are my absolute favorite because of how soft and buttery their texture is. They [the shadows] blend SO effortlessly, it makes you melt. In my opinion, this master palette had the best texture out of any other ABH palette.

This concludes my review! I hope you all enjoyed this post, I tried to keep it as quick-and-short of a read as possible. My plan for the next few weeks is to post a couple more reviews and have at least ONE featured makeup look per week! Hopefully I can keep this goal going!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.39.56 PM

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