Soap & Glory: Hand Food | Cleansing Milk Review

OMG it has been a whole month and almost a half?!? since I last blogged! 😦 I’m terrible. I know it. I’m working on it :/ BUT first things first… Happy June to you, and you, and YOUUUUUU my beautiful butterflies!


I have a lot of new goodies I will be writing/reviewing about (yay!), i’ll also be writing about some future goodies I want this summer! *AHEM* THE ANASTASIA/NORVINA MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE *AHEM* (this palette is already on her website btw – get it here) I’ll be talking more about the palette in my next post! 🙂 it’s beautiful!!! EKKK SO EXCITED


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Soap & Glory

REVIEW TIME ❤ … the best time! So lets get started…

1 – Soap & Glory ‘Hand Food’ ($8USD)


Initial thoughts: cute packaging, catchy name, & amazing smell

This is an AMAZING hand cream. I’ve used this in the past when it was sold at Sephora but NOW you can find this at your local target/ULTA! I love the packaging – very cute and innocent looking which, in my opinion, matches the name; “hand food” its so catchy and a bit witty. The smell and TEXTURE is what really caught my attention. It DOES NOT have a greasy texture.. It makes your hands feel ULTRA SOFT and the SMELL is ahhhhmazzzzinggg. It doesn’t have a fruity smell but more FLORAL(?) to me. Stated on the soap & glory website; “it contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Scented with our Original Pink fragrance” NOW, I am NOT familiar with their ‘original pink fragrance’ but I am sure it smells just as good.

ON THE OTHER HAND – I got a male opinion, he was NOT very FOND of the smell AT ALL and compared it to medicine(?) I believe. *kanye shrug* to each his own 🙂

2 – Soap & Glory ‘Cleansing Milk’ ($12USD)


Initial Thoughts: same thoughts as the hand cream but the ‘MELT AWAY MAKEUP’ REALLY caught my attention

RIGHT when I saw this I knew I wanted to buy and try it! This is a cleansing milk mixed with their ‘PEACH & GOJUICE’ extract (peach and goji berry infused with vitamin A & C) which helps soften the skin. Vitamin C also helps brighten the skin as well. It also has detoxifying and purifying abilities with their ‘OXYGINSENG‘ (these are trademarked names in the CAPS).

So, right away I was attracted to the smell. It honestly does smell like peaches and cream, peaches are one of my favorite fruits so I personally LOVE the smell. The texture is more on the thicker side, similar to a body lotion versus your normal facial cleanser. I’m assuming its because it will need thicker properties to ‘MELT AWAY MAKEUP’ – speaking of which, DOES do a decent job OF actually melting away makeup IF I wipe off my makeup with a MAKEUP WIPE FIRST.

I’ve tried to use this alone on my FULL FACE of makeup and was slightly disappointed, because I would have to rinse my face with this cleansing milk MULTIPLE times. Yet even then I felt makeup residue on my face.

KEEP IN MIND this is me, and you are you. IF YOU do NOT wear a full face of makeup this will be perfect for you! I actually prefer to use this when I only have concealer, powder and mascara on – very easy to use.

THIS could be COMPARABLE to CLINIQUE’s ‘TAKE THE DAY OFF’ Cleansing Balm, ($29USD) MAYBE even a DUPE but there ARE differences between the two (Consistency, texture, fragrance-free vs. having fragrance in the product, etc.)

Thanks for reading ladies & gents (maybe) 🙂

I will try to review many items this summer!

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