Beauty Haul: Morphe Brushes


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I did a number on my bank account and bought a HUGE HAUL from Morphe Brushes! So I’ve decided to do a mini blog post & review!

Pictured above is everything I bought except 3 lashes (not pictured) the top left is the 35W palette, the top right is the 35T palette, and the smaller palette near the bottom is their foundation palette (fw9). Also pictured, a 12 count brush set (it also came with a case)

Q: What is ‘Morphe Brushes’ ?

A: Again, for my lovely ladies who aren’t a makeup addict like myself, you probably don’t know what morphe brushes is. Basically its a store, based in Burbank, CA. Their main products are their PRO makeup brushes and palettes! They are also a vendor for Jeffree Star Cosmetics, LA girl, etc. Explore their website:

You all are probably familiar with the Morphe 350 Palette:

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I love everything that I purchased 🙂 ❤

Mini Reviews

Eyeshadow Palettes: The shadows aren’t buttery but are very pigmented and blend fairly well! I think its an awesome deal having 35 different colors in one palette when most palettes are small with limited colors! It’s great for those who want to get into freelance like myself! (I plan on doing swatches/makeup look soon!)

Foundation Palette: I haven’t tried the foundation palette on myself yet besides using the colors as a base contour color/outline! What I’ve taken from the product already: very creamy and blends well!

I’m unsure I would use the palette on myself… mainly because of my skin. It isn’t as smooth and clear as others, and I feel like this palette would be good for those who have nice skin and don’t need much makeup!

Brushes: The brushes I purchased aren’t the ‘PRO’ brushes but I do like them! I love that their portable (because it came with a case) and how soft the bristles are! I was really interested in this brush set because it came with a good amount of eye brushes and thats what I was really looking for!

Until next time!

xo jamie


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