Beauty Wish List: KVD + BeautyBlender Set

Beauty Wish List

Hey beauties I was just browsing sephora’s website & came across this awesome set! My jaw literally dropped. In this specific set Kat Von D beauty & the beautyblender teamed together and made the most perfect set.

What’s included:
Kat Von D Foundation (you get to choose your shade!!!)
PRO beautyblender (black) ** I use this one & is my personal fav.
Samples of: Liquid beautyblender soap & KVD foundation primer

Price: $46 USD


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.24.45 PM


What I think about the:

FOUNDATION: I’ve used this foundation in the past and I used it for quite awhile. It has amazing coverage. (Kat Von D uses it to cover tattoo’s & I’ve covered tattoo’s for clients @ sephora) I thought it was considered oil-free but it actually isn’t. (& you all should know I love oil-free products) In the description on it states that there are natural polymers that absorb oil. Since I am SO oily I don’t think those natural polymers worked for me :/

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.25.02 PM

** the only downfall about her foundation are the colors – they’re either super yellow in tone or super pink. & there are only two deep colors – so basically very LIMITED in color selection & I would recommend going into sephora & getting matched before buying it online – but if you know you’re color then by all means!

Q: Would you recommend this foundation? & for whom?
A: Yes! For those who are not very oily. IF you’re a tiny bit oily or even have combination skin I think it’ll be fine for you. All you’ll need is a finishing powder/mattifying powder to control your oil. — A little of this product goes A LONG WAY. It will last you awhile.

Q: Why did you stop using it?
A: Welp, it started getting TOO cakey for me. A mattifying powder was NOT enough. ALTHOUGH I haven’t used the foundation recently, and I have been controlling my oil, so I’m not certain if it would be too cakey for me now.

BEAUTYBLENDER: (bb) I use to use the pink beauty blender (the original) but since I’ve tried the PRObeautyblender it has been my absolute favorite. Every time I tried to thoroughly clean the original bb it was BREAK! Literally every. time. It always made me so frustrated. As soon as I moved to the black beauty blender (pro) the material felt stronger & it didn’t look as dirty which I loved. PLUS black is one of my favorite colors 8)

Q: Who would you recommend this product for?
A: ANYONE & EVERYONE. It’s amazing for applying concealer, foundation, baking, etc. Not only is it great for applying its also great for blending (obvi). If you use cream to contour this is a great product to invest in. 

Q: How do you use it?
A: MAKE SURE ITS DAMP!! This is super important because if you decide to use the bb without making it damp it won’t blend or apply as easily as I’m describing. So basically: WET IT & SQUEEZE IT, SQUEEZE IT SOME MORE THEN USE IT! In that order. Make sure when you’re running the bb under water you squeeze it so it will absorb the water (like a sponge, because it’s spongey-like material) and once it has grown twice its size, SQUEEZE it again to release all the excess water. (click here OR on the picture above – its linked to & you can read their directions as well!)

BEAUTYBLENDER LIQUID CLEANSER: Eh. That’s how I feel about it haha! The solid soap is a lot better in my own opinion. But hey! Its a free sample included – WHY NOT?

KVD PRIMER: I’ve actually never tried it – need to put that on my “try list” 🙂

So the reason WHY i’m making such a big deal about this set is because it truly is a good deal. Its a FULL size foundation and a beautyblender combined. Lets do some math:

TOTAL: $55 USD (excluding tax)

That’s 10 whole dollars off! PLUS samples. This is limited edition and EXCLUSIVE to Sephora. If you have neither products but are interested in them… I definitely recommend purchasing this set! I hope you all consider this & take advantage of it! (I would if I wasn’t broke 😦 )

WHATS COMING UP: I have some great ideas for future blog posts so stay tuned! Currently working on my January MISSES (products I did NOT favor during the month of January)

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