ABH “That Glow” Kit & Mini Review


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Today I purchased the holy grail of highlighters. Anastasia Beverly Hills GLOW KIT. I almost pooped my pants when I found it from excitement. If none of you are familiar (do u live under a rock?) lets get you familiar.

Anastasia Beverly Hills and Norvina (her daughter) are the queens of makeup. They’re probably the most sold products and leading products in the industry! (this is my own opinion) but by all means correct me if I’m wrong or if you disagree. If you haven’t purchased or even HEARD about any ABH products you MUST be living under a rock.

This newly released glow kit (named that glow – pictured on the left) was also released with its sister glow kit (gleam – pictured on the right):

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.35.42 PM
Image taken from ABH IG (image taken by @janineish IG)

First take:
BEAUTIFUL kit! Super pigmented and will definitely give you that glow/dewey look. The texture of each glow is very soft and feels very light when applied onto skin.

I would consider the “Gleam” glow kit colors to be more cool compared to the “That Glow” kit which have warmer colors and in my personal opinion, more suitable for my skin tone. “Gleam” is just as beautiful though.


(Left to right):
Sunburst, a super glittery yellow highlight. Its fairly light I would most likely mix this highlight with the other three.
Golden Bronze, a pretty dark illuminator for my skin tone right now. I look forward to using it in the summer time!
Bubbly & Dripping in Gold, are my current favorites. I just tried a little on my cheek bones, cupids bow and tip of my nose and I LOVE IT! These two colors are perfect for my current skin tone (winter pale lol)

NOTE: I do plan on purchasing “Gleam” as well but later in the future. (I’ve currently been girl on a budget) O:)

Here are some screenshots of makeup lovers on ABH IG page that feature both glow kits:


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.36.24 PM

IG user @imogenfoxylocks used her “That Glow” kit (which is the one I purchased)

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.04.38 PM

IG user @bybrookelle used her “Gleam” glow kit

There isn’t much of a difference when on the skin, both kits do the same purpose. It’s just the buyers choice in which shades they think would look best on their skin tone.

I did apply a little bit of “Dripping in Gold” and “Bubbly” on top of my highlight from earlier today. (I was wearing PUR Cosmetics “AfterGlow” so it appears a lot lighter)

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.15.28 PM



Q: Would you recommend this product?
A: Why yes I would. Matter of fact, I HIGHLY recommend this product!

Q: How much was it?
A: 40 USD (without tax)

Q: Where did you buy it?
A: Found it at Macys! (so happy I did :D)
But of course both of these kits are also available online:
@anastasiabeverlyhills.com | @macys

Q: Is this product Cruelty Free?
A: It is cruelty free bunny approved! (it appears on the back of the packaging)

If you have any more questions please feel free to comment/use my ask.fm! 🙂

I’m super excited to incorporate these illuminators in my make up routines. Move on over AfterGlow, I think I found my new favorite highlighter.




Thank you to everyone who read this post!
Most images taken by me unless otherwise noted.

xo jamie

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