Make Up Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette VS. Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

WOW. I was suppose to post this on thanksgiving day and here we are … past midnight, posting late af!!!

My apologizes to those who actually read my blog and were expecting this post (lol are there anybody out there though??)


If you don’t know about these two products then… you either don’t care about make up or don’t care about contouring. Which I find absurd because… HOW CAN YOU NOT??!! All jokes aside – I know there are people out there who don’t care about what I’m writing about because frankly they don’t care about make up & thats okay!

BUT for those of you who are make up lovers like me, these two products probably give you ‘makeup-gasms’ like no other! I actually just bought  Kat Von D’s Light & Shade Palette a few weeks ago online from sephora’s online promotion for VIB’S! (It was a 20% off coupon – how could I pass that up???) Before purchasing I was using Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour palette!

Honestly, my two best friends purchased Kat Von D’s shade & light palette before me and raved about it, but I just wasn’t interested. It was until recently where I changed my mind. My friends were telling me how great this palette was, saying “it has amazing pigmentation” and overall just a great purchase. So I gave in. Bought it and fell in love with Kat Von D’s palette as well!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette:


anastasia BH
PRICE: $40 – COLORS: (L-R) starting from the top row, first column – Vanilla, Banana Sand, Java, Fawn & Havana

Kat Von D. Shade & Light Contour Palette:


kat von d
PRICE: $46 – COLORS: (L-R) starting from the top row, first column – Lucid, Lyrie, Levitation, Sombre, Shadowplay & Subconscious


Both palettes are powder in texture and have similar colors. The one thing I really like about ABH contour palette – replaceable colors! Once you hit pan you can go to and order whichever ones you need! Unfortunately with KVD you would have to purchase a whole new palette.

My friend had also purchased the ABH contour palette and explained why she believed the pigmentation wasn’t as good. Which I didn’t want to believe at first but then I realized – I’ve hit pan on my ABH Contour Palette not too long ago and a good amount of product IS already gone! So I thought about it… and I think that’s where ABH gets you. Pigmentation is not as strong which causes you to dig deeper into your palette and as a result use a lot more product than need be. This is okay for ABH because its more money in their pockets!

Don’t get me wrong though ABH is still an amazing contour palette! I’ve been using it for almost a whole year! This is just my own opinion and experience – the only downfall is having to dig up a lot of product on your brush.

Banana is in my opinion the best color and I’d say most popular color. Its great to apply under the eyes after applying your concealer. The bottom three colors in the ABH palette are made for contouring. Mainly around your cheekbones, top of your forehead, and if you want around your nose. Vanilla and Sand are good colors to also highlight beneath your cheek bones (under the area you contoured) this specific palette is perfect for light-medium skin tones. Anastasia also has a palette made for medium-tan skin tones: ABH MED-TAN CONTOUR KIT – this is another good thing about ABH, there are choices. Unlike Kat Von D (KVD), her palette is limited to only one.

What I have found though, is Kat Von D’s palette seems to fit any skin tone. All 3 contour colors are very pigmented and versatile. Subconscious is a very deep brown which i use very subtly. I mainly use Shadowplay & Sombre for contour, and Lucid/Lyrie for highlight. I’ve been using the KVD palette for about 2 weeks now and honestly have no complaints. It mixes/blends well into my skin and doesn’t make me look orange.

Prices taken from; ABH is $40 / KVD is $46.
I think both palettes are worth the money, but honestly after using KVD I would recommend it before ABH. I do find myself digging into my product a little more than I’d like. When using KVD I dab a little product on my contour brush and the powder glides on smoothly.

What I would recommend for someone who is really interested in purchasing ABH (because she’s a queen obvi) – is her CREAM contour palette. (I haven’t personally used it) but since it’s a cream base, I do think the product will last longer than powder. A little goes a long way.

So overall, I’m not necessarily bashing ABH powder contour palette because it’s still great.. I just prefer KVD! Like I’ve said if you don’t care about anything else in the world besides getting some-kind of ABH product like her contour palette then DO IT GIRL. Please do not let me stop you! Anastasia has amazing products, and this contour kit is still lovely. (I’ve had mine for almost a year!) Plus its cheaper, everyone loves a bargain (win, win).

If you’re into make up but don’t own a contour kit I suggest getting one! It’s fun and the results are amazeballs. I hope you enjoyed reading this post (thank you for even reading this far) and I’ll be posting an update on whats coming up later this week!

xo jamie

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