Makeup Reviews: CB Palette, Infallible Foundation & BH Brushes!

Hi ladies and possibly gentlemen! Welcome back to my blog. Thank you for your interest and support! Or maybe just your curiosity? (:

As promised, I wanted to review some products I bought over the past week: Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics palette, L’oreal’s Infallible foundations (liquid & pressed powder) and lastly, BH Cosmetics Brushes.

First, I wanted to point out these are my own opinions, bought these items with my own money and no I am not getting paid to write these reviews. I just wanted to give my own perspective!

  1. Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics Palette (clickable)
    I was probably one of the last few who was able to buy this palette this time around (DON’T WORRY! THEY ARE RESTOCKING AS I TYPE!!!) and I was very excited to do so. Carli Bybel was one of the first make up guru’s I had watched and actually liked. So I thought to myself “why wouldn’t I buy her palette?!” I am an avid supporter of Carli Bybel – and i’m not just saying this because of that – BUT this palette is BEAUTIFUL. Great pigmentation, for the eyeshadows and highlights. There was a bit of fall out when applying the product but can be easily swept away. My favorite colors are the plums and mauves (first row) Carli has made a super easy tutorial using those specific colors. (I’ll include the link at the bottom) My favorite color for my brow bone and inner tear duct is the first color in the first row and first column –  a beautiful pale yellow – comes out SUPER pigmented, and has a nice creamy look to it. I really enjoyed playing with this product and I am proud of Miss Bybel. There is honestly not a lot of cons for this palette besides the minimal fall out, although in my own opinion I wish there was more variety in colors… A lot of these colors you can find in similar palettes and a good amount of the colors look similar to one another (although Carli explains there are differences) it may be harder for others to realize. In other words, I would definitely recommend this product for a natural make up wearer – those who don’t wear make up often but when they do they’ll have a palette with a mixture of natural day and night colors. As well as some highlight for the cheekbones. For those who wear make up often like myself, I would not recommend buying it right away – unless you’re absolutely DYING to have it… Like I’ve stated, mainly because the colors are very similar, and can be found in similar palettes. Of course the colors are still amazing, but for someone like myself, variety is important. Although if you are super interested and just cannot wait to own it …this palette is VERY affordable which is lovely about BH Cosmetics. Overall a beautiful palette, great for day and night looks, good pigmentation, and fun to play with.
    Looks using Carli Bybel’s Palette (clickable) —
    Carli Bybel – Copper & Plum Dramatic Fall Look
    Carli Bybel – Go To Mauve Look
    Feel free to check out more of her videos! She’s quite an inspiration!
  2. L’oreal Infallible Make Up Products
    A little background – I have struggled with problematic skin since I was in middle school, thankfully it is a lot milder than it was 8-10 years ago but I do still struggle with it today. As a result of my problematic skin I have a number of acne scars (if you have any remedies please don’t hesitate to let me know!!! I’m always looking for new remedies!) – so finding a good coverage foundation that can leave me matte has always been a bit hard for me. This particular foundation (liquid & pressed powder) is a great combo for those who have oily/combination skin. For myself, I have oily, sensitive skin, with a little bit of combination of dry. The coverage for this foundation is medium, and although I usually prefer full coverage this foundation is very lightweight and doesn’t make me look “cakey” like most full coverage foundations do. What I do: after I apply my concealer and setting powder (to set the concealer) I use the liquid L’Oreal Infallible foundation in 105 (Natural Beige) and I set this foundation with L’Oreal Infallible pressed powder in Natural Beige. My acne scars are still somewhat seen, but I personally don’t mind. I’m in love with the lightweight feel. Overall I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Like I have already noted, it has an amazing lightweight feel, stays in tact, and has medium coverage. Some cons? In my own opinion, because I have such oily skin the “24 hour” marketing is not true. After 12 hours I become particularly oily around my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. (where my pores are the biggest) Although I find this quite normal with my skin type – which is why I bought the pressed powder (states it lasts for about 16hrs) to set my liquid, so whenever I become oily I just dab a little bit of the pressed powder over my problematic oily areas. I find this works very well! So if you have oily skin like me, I would recommend buying the liquid and pressed powder combo. What I find great about this product is… ITS DRUG STORE!! I’ve used a lot of drug store products and this is by far my favorite. You can find this product in any local drug store: (clickable)
    Target – Walmart – ULTA – & More!
    Pressed powder – ULTA
  3. BH Cosmetics Brush Set  (clickable)
    I haven’t used these brushes enough to review how they are after washing – but I will post an update! Overall these brushes are very soft and wonderful on the skin. I don’t have any other brush sets like sigma, or morphe so I can’t necessarily compare but in my own opinion – these brushes are cheap and great for someone who is interested in doing make up often. BH Cosmetics has a variety of brush sets and even single brushes for those who don’t necessarily need a bunch of brushes. Feel free to check out their site because they have more to offer than brushes! As of now, I am completely happy with these brushes and will most likely purchase more.

That’s all I have for now! I hope these reviews were helpful in someway.

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Q: What would you like to see for my next blog post?
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You let me know! 🙂

xo jamie

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