Where it all began…

Hi and thank you for sticking around to read my thoughts.

First, I want to explain myself.

I have never created a beauty blog before, but I have always been into make up after I graduated high school. I became inspired and infatuated by the power of make up. Growing up, all throughout middle school I had terrible acne which I still suffer with today. (Thankfully its minor) but I wanted to hide, because i was made fun of A LOT for having horrible skin. After high school I discovered make up. I discovered I could hide my blemishes and acne scars.

There was a point in my life where I relied on make up, I never left the house without putting some on, and I would never let anybody see me without it. I feared what people would think about me if I didn’t have it on. I didn’t want judgements. It was until recently, actually, where I gained the confidence (thanks to the support of my friends and boyfriend) that I realized I should love the skin I’m in. That I am beautiful in my own way.

So… If you’re reading this, and if you too struggle with self-image issues or any kind of issues related to this topic, you are not alone. You are beautiful, and powerful. Don’t let anyone take that away from you and don’t rely on make up to feel beautiful.

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